Matured in serenity
Monastic Distilled Spirits
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Welcome to a world of unique distilled spirits you won’t find anywhere else: Valamo’s black tea gin’s roots go back on a journey through time to the tsars’ cabinet and the unique flavour of the monastic whisky is refined in monastic wine barrels. Made from herbs, Absinthe and Menthe offer a historic glimpse into monastic herb gardens, where medicinal herbs were picked for ailments of all kinds.

You can taste how the centuries-old wisdom of the monks, pure natural ingredients and artisanal skill combine in a harmony of enticing flavours.

Distilled Spirits

Distilled Spirits

Valamo Black Tea Gin A flavour fit for the tsars

Journey through time to a candle-lit cabinet where Russian tsars were served Valamo’s traditional Black Tea. Now a gin has been created from this historic tea, so that everyone can experience the tea of the tsars in the form of an artisanal distilled spirit.

Made from juniper berries and Valamo’s Black Tea, the gin also contains sage, black pepper, black currant leaves and berries, pine cones, angelica and honeycomb. The spicy and herby tones of the aroma combine in a resinous beeswax scent, which takes the mind to the tranquil peace of the Orthodox monastery.

VALAMO ABSINTHE Historic roots with a modern flavour

Absinthe has always had the most mysterious reputation of all the distilled spirits. Inspired by the mystery surrounding absinthe, Valamo’s monastic distillery began to develop its own version and to experiment with an old French textbook as its guide. This resulted in Valamo’s refined, emerald-green absinthe, whose crisp yet herbaceous flavour combines anis with a dash of bitterness.

Try our modern artisanal absinthe, which pays homage to old traditions.

Valamo Menthe Monastic herbalism

Throughout the ages, learned monks have acted as pharmacists, developed recipes and grown medicinal and culinary herbs in their gardens. Mint helped to relieve a number of illnesses, calmed the nerves and warded off evil. Hand-crafted Valamo Menthe stems from this old tradition and is topped off with fresh mint from the monastery’s own garden.

Valamo Whisky Peated Single Malt – 3 YO

The roots of whisky made from grain are deeply entwined with monastic tradition. Irish monks are generally believed to have begun whisky’s journey to its modern form and later on, to aging it in oak barrels. At Valamo’s distillery in Finland, this centuries-old tradition is finally returning to its monastic roots. Embark on an unforgettable journey with our heavenly single malt, matured in monastic peace and tranquillity.